To Question or Not to Question....

.....THAT is the question. 
Why work on questioning skills when 
it's just easier to tell your kids what to do??
The answer is:  Adults that are effective  
with young people ask a lot of questions.  
It's effective because the adult is asking the child 
the questions that the child should be asking themselves

Children should be asking themselves, 
"Do I want to work on math or Language Arts first?" 
 So, as the Learning Coach we're left to just 
tell them what to do or start to 
train them to think for themselves. 
Take a look at the list to give you ideas 
on how you might start to create an independent thinker.

Grab your books for the car.
Are you carrying your books with or without a book bag?
Start on math!
Do you want to start with LA or Math?
No, you can’t skip history today.
What do you think will happen if you skip history today?
We need to keep up.
When do you think you can be caught up?
No, you can’t go to the movie until you’re done.
What time is the show?  Do you think you’ll have your work done in time?
Let’s get started.
Do you want to use pencil or pen?
You need to do 3 lessons today.
How many lessons do you think you can finish today?
Don’t do it that way.
Do you think that will work?  I don’t think it would work for me.  Let me know how it goes.


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