Practice makes perfect? You decide.

It was one of the last evenings of summer. 
We had a lot of extended family staying with us for the weekend 
so we thought it would be a perfect time to play 
Capture the Flag.  
Teams were divided and the game began!

There came a point when tempers were flaring 
and "That's not fair!!" was the cry from both teams.  
As one of the adults playing, I'd like to think 
that I was above the petty tantrums 
that were taking place.....but 
I started to get annoyed and heated as well.  
 The game came to a swift end 
with players on both sides quitting and walking away.  
We all just headed to bed.  
I certainly didn't feel good about how things went down. 
 The next morning you could tell that 
cousins weren't as trusting as before.  
Some still had hurt feelings.  
As we finished dinner and the group was wondering 
what to do for the evening, 
I piped up and said, 
"Let's play Capture the Flag!"  
They thought I was joking but I wasn't.  
I knew we could keep working at this 
and figure out how to play a fun game 
without breaking into hurt feelings and tantrums.  
Several of the adults gave me a 
look that said, "Are you crazy??"
 Maybe I was.  
But I believe in Practicing

Practicing and repetition help people perform at higher levels. 
 And don't we want our students performing at higher levels??  Yes!! 

So take a look at some of your problem areas.  
Identify them and then create procedures around them.  

Practice those procedures for as long 
as it takes until it becomes a routine
The great thing about kids not following through on their schoolwork.....or getting a late,  
it's a chronic problem.  
And we love chronic problems because 
it give us something to work hard at and 

Don't be discouraged when you have to re-teach 
how you want math assignments completed, 
just practice the procedure again. 
Stay calm and know that this is 
a great life lesson for them.  
If we take the time to practice these little things, 
they can become a great boost 
to the effectiveness of our day!

For the record.....when we played Capture the Flag 
the second wasn't perfect 
but it was CONSIDERABLY  better 
and more fun than the first time! 
We realized that we had to be very clear 
with rules to start off and make sure that 
everyone was on board.  
We look forward to playing it again 
instead of NEVER playing it again! 

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