Turnabout is Fair Play

"I'll be waiting in the car. 
I turned to Dave and said, 
"Did you hear what she just did?"

We knew that our daughter needed to be somewhere tonight. 
But what we didn't know is that we would be on her time table!

We are always talking about setting high expectations 
 for our kids. 
We do that with powerful words and statements

"Thanks for taking care of that.
and walking away. 

"You're welcome to be with us 
when you've finished your work. Thanks."
and walking away.

When we assume compliance from our children by making a statement followed by "Thank you",  we up the odds that they focus on the request and not on whether they want to do it or not. 
Well, it even works on moms!

I did not feel like jumping up from my seat and running my daughter to where she needed to be right at that moment. 
But when she said, "I'll be waiting in the car. Thanks!", I found myself hurrying to get my shoes on!!  She had already moved on out the door and left me with nothing to say.  Since we have a pretty good relationship, I was happy to comply for the most part. 

Requests like this with our children are a good baseline to determine the strength of the relationship.  
If my daughter was left sitting out in the car and I wasn't going to budge, it should be a clear signal to her that we've got some problems to work on.   

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