Thanks for Thinking

We continue to talk about the power of "Thank You" and the expectation that it sets. 
One of my favorite artists has some great prints that I think go along with setting high expectations in the school room. 
You could take any of these and add a "Thank You"
Thanks for thinking!
Thanks for going with the flow!

And this one with the bird and french fry?
Well, that's for me. :)
It reminds me of In N Out Burger!

Oh and this one....
Well, it says it all, right?

Reading IS cool!! 
She has it in a girl AND boy!
I personally do not know this artist.  
This is not a paid advertisement. 
I just simply love her style!

1 comment:

Learning Coach Dee said...

Signs say things so much more eloquently than I am able to at times... I love your arguing hours sign and have my own in our classroom that I often point to.


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