Avoiding School Work

In our DEJA VU workshop, we addressed how to help kids who avoid their school work.
Because Avoiders are overwhelmed to begin with, going through the Daily Plan each morning or the night before is very important.  
 For an Avoider, you might even expand that idea with a flow chart or hourly schedule.  They need to see all the things that they DO have time for.   
Schedule breakfast, lunch and dinner and all other extracurricular activities. 

The principle is that they see where the time is spent and that it is doable.  Don’t use the schedule as something to beat them over the head with.  You don’t have to stress out if at 9am they’ve already missed something.  It’s not the hourly schedule that we’re trying to execute but the overall day to do all the things that need to be done and the activities that we want to do.  

Here is a great printable, hourly schedule
from iheartorganizing,
if you need a head start.  

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