Wake Up Work

How soon can I get my student to work independently on their own???  
A common question.  
Since my main goal for bringing home my daughter was to raise an independent learner, I wanted to get her working and taking responsibility for her work as soon as possible.

One way I have encouraged this is through what I call Wake Up Work. Having a start up assignment always posted and in the same place, helps kids develop the routine of looking to begin on their own. Practice the procedure that when they are finished with breakfast, they will find what they should be working on first, posted in the same place everyday.  
With the K12 courses you can go straight to the OLS and see what is on the plan. Print out the daily plan, circle what subject you would like them to silently begin on their own. Post it in the same place everyday. 

Maybe you have a dry erase board in your school room 

and you post on there what each student should get to work on until you arrive. The key is to have the procedure be the same thing everyday. So if I'm 10, I know that when I'm done with breakfast, I'm supposed to be working on my skills update until Mom comes. Or I'm supposed to start writing my spelling words. Procedure is the same everyday, work doesn't have to be.  
Wake Up Work can also be a great place to encourage silent reading, journaling or creative writing. Right after breakfast the routine is to do a writing prompt. It's always posted in your special spot. Helps kids get in the mindset....I'm in learning mode.

I love this website for creative writing prompts.
Everyday there is something around the world happening on that date. It gives you a subject for everyday of the year!! Google "writing prompts" and you'll come up with plenty of ideas for all ages.
If children are too young to read, then brother or sister can read it for them. Or their procedure would be to start coloring or work on site words, every day. What we are doing here is teaching responsibility for their learning. If you stumble in at 9:30am because the baby’s been sick and no one got any sleep last night, you’ve lost precious high energy time. If you have prepared for the following day with Wake Up Work…..odds are that kids who have practiced this routine will get to work on their own and you can stumble in at 9:30 and kids are already on task.
These "Wake Up Work" sheets are available here and here.
We school in our main living area so I like to decorate around learning. You can print these off, frame them in glass. Then with a dry erase marker, just write on the glass and wipe off for when you need to change. There are 2 Wake Up Work sheets available.
One with days of the week and one that's blank for names or maybe months!

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