Zookeeper, Prison Warden or Learning Coach?

What is your job and how would you define it?
In the business world we use job descriptions to
provide clear expectations
and evaluate employee performance.
At home we want to know pretty much the same things!

The value of a job description is mostly for me.
My kids will either get it or not.
But I want to wake up each morning knowing
what I should and should not be doing.
I also want to lay my head down on my pillow
at night knowing that I did my job.

So what does my job as a learning coach look like?
I see it as giving my children the opportunity to learn.
So my description might look something like this:
  • Provide an area in the house conducive to learning
  • Have healthy snacks and lunch available
  • Pay internet bill
  • Keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Stay up to date with my kmail and logging attendance
  • Login to OLS/LMS and educate myself on today's assignments.
  • Be ready to help and assist kids who are working harder than I am
  • Keep some groovy tunes on hand when we all need to take a break
Knowing what to do is always a good place to start.
I have also found value in knowing what NOT
to put on my job description.

At my house, it looks something like this

The minute I tell myself that it is my job to
nag my kids out of bed,
them to start their lessons,
plead with them to finish up,
them about all of the things
they will be missing out on
I'm tired just typing those out.

Can you imagine how much you'll
hate your job
after only a few days
if you allow those items
to show up on your job description??

Kids will do their very best to convince you
that you should be concerned about their spelling words.
They will persuade you to be more invested
in their math minute than they are.
They might even hook you into
believing that YOU are the one in 5th grade!

I like to have a couple key phrases
in my back pocket when kids go fishing.

"Sweetie, I already learned to spell "embarrassed" in 5th grade. It's your turn."
and I walk away.....
"I'm happy to take kids to soccer practice when spelling words are passed off"
and I walk away.....

"Looks like you need to show your work in math. Feel free to have dinner when I've corrected those. "

and I walk away.....

When I have a clear definition of what I'm responsible for in regards to my child's education, I can walk away, save up lots of energy, be a fun learning coach and enjoy my children.

Everyone will have different expectations of themselves.

What's on your job description?

See how this learning coach worked through it: here

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