Thanks For Being Awesome

We've been discussing in our School Effectively at Home Workshops how important those precious few hours a day are when energy and production level is high for both student and learning coach.

Effective learning coaches know that it takes just as much energy to be positive as it does to be negative. So let's spend our time being positive!!

Instead of nagging kids to listen or begging kids to get back to work, we can set the expectation that listening and working are always going on in our school room.

Have fun with it by making a few posters with statements that say,
"Thanks for being fun to be around!"
"Thanks for being kind."
"Thanks for picking up after yourself."

You might jot on a post-it note:
"Thanks for being an independent learner."
and then stick it to the computer screen.

Download Posters Here

Last year I found myself nagging my daughter about MY Cd Player. Every time I went to work in my area where I like to listen to my CD Player would be missing. She would cart it off to wherever she was at the time. She has a CD Player of her own. For whatever reasons, and yes she had many, she would take mine and I would have to go hunt it down every time I needed it. I spent a boatload of energy lecturing her, being annoyed and upset with her over something so trivial. Yet, I want my things where I expect them to be.
Can you imagine all of the lectures I gave her??

Finally, I decided to expend my energy differently.
With a simple post it note,
I have never had to go hunting for my CD Player since.I also thought of,
"My CD Player needs to stay here.
Thanks for understanding."

My daughter and I have never discussed this.
I'm sure she read the note, rolled her eyes,
huffed and puffed and moved on with her business.
My 'stuff'' stayed put and I didn't have to
strain my vocal chords or expend any energy to accomplish that.

When you can apply a positive expectation.....
you increase the likelihood of receiving that positive behavior.


Corrie said...

Thanks for the tip. That's a great one.

Terri MacQuarrie said...

I'm going to apply this immediately! Thanks so much!


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