"This week my five year old hurt his younger brother. This is pretty much a daily occurrence at our house. In the past I found myself trying to get him to stop in a variety of ways: yelling, holding his arms down, and I have even been tempted to scratch or pinch back.

This week I tried the “Uh Oh” Technique with him. I was on the phone, so I asked my sister if I could call her back. Then I grabbed his little hand and said, “Uh oh, looks like you need a little bedroom time, you can come out when you’re sweet.” I deposited him about 5 feet in his bedroom door. He immediately started laughing at me and walked towards the door. I again grabbed his little hand and sweetly said, “You can spend time in your room with the door open, the door shut, or the door locked.” He laughed again and headed towards the door. I stepped in his way and repeated as sweetly as I could although I felt my anger rising, “You can spend time in your room with the door open, the door shut, or the door locked.” He attempted to bolt around me; I again stepped in his way and said, “If you don’t choose momma will choose for you.” Again he attempted to get to the door.

I turned him around and quickly left the room and shut the door. We don’t have locks so I had to hold the door shut for about 30 seconds. I then told him I would be more than happy to start the timer when he was on his bed and starting to calm down. After the timer went off he would be able to come out. He did get quiet and I did have to start the timer over twice, but it did work. When the timer went off I went and hugged him and said that I was so happy he got to come out and spend some time with me. I was amazed at how calm he was. (The funny thing at this point is that I was tempted to tell him what he had done wrong. I had to stop myself. I guess old habits die hard.)

It was interesting because after that he was pretty calm for about 6 hours before hurting his brother again. In fact later in the evening his brother was being naughty. He looked at him and said if you don’t stop you are going to have to go and spend time in our room. Very Interesting! "

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