Even Moms Need Empathy

" I threw a plastic cup in the trash can under the sink. It had a small bit of juice left in it that spilled out onto the floor, the front of the dishwasher, the wall, etc.

I got a bit frustrated with it and muttered under my breath while cleaning it up. My 9 year old came up to me and said,
"That is too bad, I bet it's really hard to clean that up."

I was so shocked and tickled that I fell on the floor laughing. It really did make me feel better to get that dose of empathy. Later I asked her about her comment to see if it was subconscious or thoughtful. She had said it with full knowledge that she was repeating things we've said to her.

I asked her why she said it and she said that she thought it would make me feel better.
It did!!
In more ways than one!"

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ali said...

That is so awesome! And now that little girl is armed for life with a wonderful life skill.

Love L&L!


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