Dad Dollars

During a Love and Logic class, I really liked the ways they used money for appropriate consequences. But, allowance has never been a good option for my husband and I. We always felt like our money was just going in a circle!

Then I read an idea about Dad Dollars! Dad Dollars are just paper, but they have a value around our house. Each morning our kids receive two Dad Dollars if their morning jobs are completed before 8:00am. After 8:00am, we don’t pay Dad Dollars for morning jobs. The only other way to earn Dad Dollars is to do extra chores—things we would consider paying others to do anyway.

Our kids can redeem their dollars on the Dad Dollar Menu. Just a few examples include, 10 dad dollars equals one real dollar, 5 dad dollars can be used to buy a half-hour of TV, 10 dad dollars can buy an at-home movie night for the family or the right to choose the dinner menu. We tried to come up with fun ideas that didn’t cost us any real money. The kids know that they must check with us to redeem their Dad Dollars.

We don’t take Dad Dollars away for bad behavior, but we do allow the kids to pay us or others to do their jobs, and we have charged the kids a dollar each for listening to them argue! The other day I asked my four-year-old to clean up his jackets and clothes. He stalled, so I said, “Would you rather clean up your room, or pay me two Dad Dollars to clean it?” He decided to clean it up. When he was finished, I went to check on his work and two jackets were still on the floor. I acted so excited to earn a Dad Dollar by finishing his job that he chased me to the jackets so he wouldn’t have to pay me. Yes!!

We love that Dad Dollars have value to our kids, but that we can always just print more! We are more generous in our payouts and much more likely to charge for doing their work. To make your own dad dollars, you can use the site You’ll upload a photo and the site will replace the photo of George Washington on a dollar bill. Then you save the image as a jpeg. You’ll need to use a program like Word or Publisher to make several copies of the jpeg image. I put 8 on each page and printed them out on green paper.

Shelley Nash is a homeschooling mother of five children. She is always looking for ways to be a better mom and teacher. She is also the owner of


Corrie said...

Great idea. Thanks for giving the links!

LC said...

Nice to be back visiting your blog again. What a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing. I think that would work really well for our 3daddys' girls.

Jess said...

love this idea! I'm going to try it right away. I can see this helping my 7 year old so much!

Shannon said...

Hi Janet. I love the way you're using these! Great idea to give them a choice of doing the job or paying you to do it! :)

If you want, you can post a link to a pdf of my full article from Family Fun Magazine Here:

Shannon said...

Oops. My link was bad. I'll try again.

Great to meet you! I'm enjoying your blog. :)

Jennifer said...

I would love to hear more about the ages of your children, chores they are expected to do before 8, what time you they get up and more info on exchanging the dad dollars for other things.


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