Go Ahead and Blow It

I love this story I got from a teacher today!! Perhaps it will help you when coming up with your own unique consequences for kids. Remember: Simple logic with little pizazz will take you far.

When you started talking about consequences I immediately thought of a student that I had in 1st grade back in 1984 (some stick with you longer than others). Tommy was cute, mischievous and all boy. But, Tommy had the habit of blowing in the face of other students. He would just walk up to one and put his face right in front of theirs and blow as hard as he could. I do not know what prompted the behavior but asking him to stop, other students yelling at him to stop didn’t seem to deter him at all. He would just grin and do it again a few minutes later to yet another unsuspecting classmate.
After about 3 days of this behavior without finding a deterrent and racking my brain for a solution I decided if he wanted to blow I would find something for him to blow. So the next day, the first time he blew in someone’s face I went to the outside classroom door and called him over. When he got to me with the big grin on his face, I whispered in his ear that I needed him to get a rock from the parking lot right outside our door. Away he went, with me praying that he would select a BIG rock. He came back with a rock about half the size of the palm of his hand.
I took him with the rock still in his hand down to the office. When I reached the office I told the secretary that Tommy was there to complete the task we had discussed earlier and that he could take as long as needed to complete. I, then, told her and him that I needed him to blow the rock from one side of the office to the other and back again, to use up all of his excess air. I suggested that when he was finished to leave the rock with her in case he ever had to use up excess air again.

Tommy was gone about 20 minutes and when he returned he whispered in my ear that he didn’t think he would need to use the rock again, so could he put it back in the parking lot? I responded with a no, just in case he had a day of excess air again.

He didn’t need to use the rock again, but it sat on the secretary’s desk for the remainder of the school year.


Corrie said...

that's a great story...brilliant

ali said...

That is an AWESOME story!

Man. I need to get creative!

Thanks for sharing that Des (and to the teacher who shared it with you!)

Balance is Best said...

Okay. You must be descended from Einstein.


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