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In my ever so humble opinion...............successful homeschooling has nothing to do with children! One strategy that we teach in our SEAH Workshops (idea from Love and Logic) is to keep kids on task without using up ALL of our energy.
I used this 22 times a day.

Recovery is just that............recover. When a child starts to melt down it's nice to have a place they can go to 'pull themselves together'. That way I'm able to keep my cool and help any other children who are still acting appropriately, with their work. I do not get sucked into begging, pleading and bribing them to work/learn.
Thoughts for Recovery:
  1. A place that's safe but not soft. Close by but preferably a spot where they can't see you. Ours was a hard dining room chair just around the corner from her desk.
  2. Use a choice before you send them to up the odds that they will self-correct on their own without needing to go to recovery. "Can you pull it together or do you need to be in.............recovery/time-out/hawaii." Have fun naming it something to help YOU remember , "Oh yeah........this is supposed to be fun. Yeah, maybe I need to be in Hawaii"
  3. They are in recovery for as long as THEY choose. As soon as the tears/whining/attitude are gone, they are welcome to come back and get on task.
  4. When they not lecture or nag. Save the teaching moments for happy times. Later in the day when the emotion is gone you can have a conversation like, "I noticed today you were agitated over math. Tell me more."
  5. Recovery is not punishment. It's "pull yourself together and get back to learning". I am not mad all day if my child is sitting in recovery. I'm happy they're recovering and not whining at me. As soon as I use recovery as a punishment or threat, it's effectiveness is null and void. "If you don't stop bugging your brother, you're going to be sitting in recovery." A bright child will think, "Cool, that's totally worth it........I think I'll hit him again."
  6. If they spend the day sitting in recovery and do not get their daily work done then something should happen later in the day, evening or week. Life isn't fun and enjoyable for us when we don't get our daily jobs done. Kids who spend lots of time trying to figure out how to keep a grip on their attitude/emotions/temper get to spend lots of time thinking and very little time 'doing' all the wonderful things we do as a family or individual when work is accomplished.
  7. I make sure that I model what I look like when I'm upset and have recovered and then I go finish my jobs and live my life at a very high level of enjoyment and success.
Excellent Reminders here of how to use Recovery.

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