To Cry or Be Cold

My son (6) tends to give up at some tasks, as he finds them insurmountable. I always encourage him to not give up and to keep trying…."You’ll get it Gavin!" or "You’ll find it Gavin!"
A few days back we were staying in a friends cabin and he had just woken up from a nap. Being tired and such, he immediately went into melt-down because he couldn’t find his clothes. I was not going to enable him by helping him look so I just encouraged him to look underneath the sleeping bags, etc.
I went downstairs and he continued to sit upstairs and cry.
I went up again and told him that he could either look and find his clothes, or he could go outside in the garage and cry because it really hurt everyone’s ears. I was very calm and told him that he was welcome to cry as long as he wanted in the garage, but not inside. I went back downstairs and he continued to sit right next to his shirt, and cry. I went upstairs again and told him to put his shirt on. He was only wearing a shirt, underwear and socks.
I gently took his hand and walked him out to the garage door and told him that he could cry as long as he wanted. It was cold in the garage, and the garage door was open as people were coming and going with 4 wheelers. He wasn’t in the freezing garage for long before he came in and said that he was ready.

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