Stepping Stone

My son Gavin (6) complained and complained as we were getting out of the car the other day, as he was asked to carry his small suitcase in one hand, and a small lunch box in the other. He complained and whined and said that he needed help.
Meanwhile, his twin sister and 4 year old sister have already lugged their goods inside. He stood on our front patio and cried. I walked up to him, picked up his suitcase and lunch box and took his hand. I said, "I am so sorry about this Gavin. Please go sit in your room for a minute and I’ll be right with you."
I went outside, in the shed, in the garage looking for an idea! I found a perfect stepping stone that would definitely be heavy for him to carry. I went into his room and calmly asked him to please come with me. He was in a great mood! We walked outside and I gave him a pair of gloves to put on.
I said, "It makes me sad that certain things are so hard and too heavy for you to do, so I’m going to help you exercise."
I put the stone in his arms and told him to walk along the fence in the backyard. We have ½ acre and a huge backyard. He immediately started crying, dropped the stone, and dropped to his knees. I walked inside and wasn’t upset at all.
Inside I was playing and working with the girls and he was still on the ground. I opened up a window and told him calmly that I was going to set the timer for 4 minutes, and if he wasn’t finished by then that it was ok. He just looked at me. I then told him that if he wasn’t done, then he’ll have to work a little harder to become even stronger as he’ll have to walk the perimeter of the yard two times.
My oh my, he stood up, picked up the stepping stone and began walking the yard. He finished it in his designated time frame and was a trooper. That was a few days ago and we haven’t had any complaining about anything being too heavy or hard.

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