She Screams for Ice Cream

Over the weekend, I took my two girls to Salt Lake. We had a great time and played very hard. On the way home, we stopped and got ice cream and both girls were very tired. After finishing the ice cream, Aubrey, my oldest, declared that she was taking her ice cream cup and all the spoons that were used home with us. That wasn’t really going to work for me. I couldn’t get over the grossness of the used, soggy, ice cream cup. When I told her that the ice cream cup couldn’t come home with us in my new car, she immediately started screaming.
We were on our way out anyway. So I took her over to a pillar just outside the door. I told her that we were going home in the car. I showed her where the garbage can was and that when she was ready to come, she could throw her cup away right there and get in the car. Which immediately started a louder scream. I turned and walked away, toward the car. My family was getting in the car and was watching her, so I knew that she was safe. I made it 5 steps…and everything went silent. All the sudden I heard little footsteps behind me, and no crying. Aubrey walked right the garbage can, threw away the dirty cup, and climbed in the car. There was no more crying, no arguing, and no disagreeing for the rest of the night.
It worked like a charm.

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