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Help me! I am trying to be a good mom and it's hard! My 7 year old whom I am home-schooling, has been not wanting to do his work. He spends an hour on a page that should take 10 minutes. This morning, I told him that he needed to have language arts and math done by noon in order to have lunch. He spent the entire morning goofing around. I wanted to remind him, but I kept my mouth shut. He got basically nothing done. Now, he isn't getting lunch and he is screaming and yelling at me about how mean I am and how he just wants something to eat. Can you help me?

You need to remember that this will be a wonderful memory at your family reunions in the future. He will say, "Mom, remember when ..............." and everyone will laugh. :)

So think of that and get a smile on your face. Get some empathy in your heart. It truly will be a sad life for this little one if he doesn't figure out sometime in the near future that life has deadlines.

Let him say how mean you are, all he wants. You will just smile sweetly, (not a HA HA smile, but're such a little turkey and I love you with all my heart smile)

Smile sweetly and say........."Sweetie you're welcome to eat lunch when ________ is done." Say nothing else. Let him yell and scream. WALK AWAY from him and if he continues on, you just repeat that phrase until you're blue in the face. Doesn't take a lot of brain power on your part.

If you give in now, your words are no longer gold. Your payoff will be next week. maybe. :) He might need to do this a few times. He just wants to know how serious you are about his schooling.
Remember, what's your job?

GO team, GO!!!!

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