No Naggin'

The energy drain is easily bought here, but I am having a harder time working on delivering it. I’m still chewing on how to do it.

I am still reaping rewards on not nagging my children to stay focused during school and sticking to the hard fast rule that the kids don’t go to afterschool activities until their work is completed.

It was a much wanted event that the kids had looked forward to and that I had paid for, double ouch for me, but they learned that I really do what I say and that rules are important enough to enforce.
Empathy was the only water that could put out the fires that day. It was so emotionally draining, but I’ve seen the proof of how much more effective this method is over my nagging.

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Balance is Best said...

I absolutely LOVE your whole website and enjoyed your parent training blackboard collaborate sessions online last fall through k12.

I have recently found myself being a broken record with my little master of the stall again and so I have placed a link to your site on my own article: "Broken Record Syndrome" at Please let me know if you would like me to remove it after reviewing.

I hope you'll be doing sessions with k12 again as I look forward to getting another dose of your great series.


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