My Tummy is Hungry

My girls, 4 and 6, share a bedroom. My husband told them that they could not come out of their rooms in the morning until they had cleaned their room. They woke up at 8:00 this morning and their ‘hard work’ began. Okay, they really didn’t work very hard.

I went in and reminded them that they could not come out and eat breakfast until they finished. I had no idea that I wouldn’t see them until lunch!! I never lost my cool with them, and I actually didn’t remind them more than once or twice, that I was looking forward to seeing them when they were done.

I called their morning THE GIRLS FIRST FAST. They didn’t get anything until they came out at noon. In the meantime, I made Playdough with their brother Garrett, we had hot chocolate, and we had a very wonderful day together!

Ahhhh, it felt great to let them make the choice, and it didn’t upset me at all. I knew that they would come out when they were hungry. My youngest daughter, Krissy, told me around 9:00 "Mommy, my tummy told me that He is very hungry. He told me that Mom."

I told her, "That is so sad, Kate. I’m sure He is very hungry! Tell your tummy that He can eat after you clean your room." Too funny!!!

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