Little Mirrors

I have caught both my 4 year old and 2 year old using the "golden words" and body language when there is tension between them or with my 1 year old. Yes, even he knows how to push their buttons! My 4 year old has told me , "isn’t it a bummer that Kade is acting like that?"
My 2 year old has told Jenny "Talk to you later" when she is frustrated with her.
She (Kade age 2) told Warren (age 1) to go to his bedroom when he was throwing a fit! Ha!

About 2 weeks ago Jenny told me we needed some "time out chairs" and found 2 of their kid chairs put them along the wall and told me that she would share her chair with Warren. I agreed that this would be a good idea.

Today, Kade told me "You're poopy" and I pointed to the chair. She started to cry and went and sat down. I didn’t have to lecture, loose my cool, or anything. She knew she was just being naughty and went to sit there until she was going to be nice. I didn’t time her or anything, she sat there crying, then calmed down, got up and gave me a hug.

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