I Never Thought I Would See The Day

If you've been in one of our classes you've heard me lament over my daughter and her love of writing. NOT.
There has been blood, sweat and tears. In that order.
3 1/2 years ago I couldn't PAY her to write.
Last week, my payoff.
She wanted to start a blog so she could document all of her writing prompts. I thought it was a great idea and I couldn't get to the computer fast enough to help her set up a blog.
I love this idea because she can involve Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, cousins near and far.
Blogs can be a fun way for kids to express themselves AND practice writing.
Tip of the Day: Needs to be THEIRS. Don't turn it into an assignment. Don't remind them about it, then it becomes YOUR idea. Let it be all about them! Blogs can be created in 5 minutes and removed just as quickly. You're not out any brain power if they do it once and never again. It's always worth a shot.
The best way to introduce this idea would be for YOU to start a blog, or talk about a blog.
Maybe in 3 1/2 more years, she'll want to clean her room.
I can dream.

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LC said...

Blogs are great! My 2nd grader wanted her own after seeing how much fun I have on it. We set her up with it and it has been great--it will be better when she learns how to type! Now there's a good life skill!
Great blog--I'll be adding to my faves.


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