Focus on Chores

I focused on chores this week. I still have a looong way to go when it comes to staying on top of it and staying organized with the chores, but at least I’m making a solid attempt! I walked my 6 year old twins through a series of chores this week.

I modeled what it means to empty the trash in each room: how to do it without being messy, which trash cans they needed to empty, etc. Then I modeled and then handed off the wiping of the sinks. One bathroom has two copper sinks and tile counters and they just need a wet rag wipe down, while another bathroom needs a spray down on the counter and sink.
They worked so hard at the chores that we practiced, they were very proud of how they were able to help, and they listened so well. It was fun for me as well, to be working beside my kids and training them in the way that I wanted them to complete the work.

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