I don’t know how it works – but it does!

Since I have a toddler, the best strategy for me has been the "Uh-Oh Song." The other strategies have been valuable as well. I had my doubts about using time-out with such a young child, but it has changed our lives (for the better). My daughter no longer throws food from her high chair and no longer throws toys across the room. I can’t even remember the other behaviors that we’ve used it for – since it’s been so effective in making them stop.
Honestly, my husband and I are kind of perplexed as to how it works. As soon as we sing the song, Becca smiles and walks with us to the recovery area / laundry room. She sits in there for one minute. We usually find clothes on the floor that she’s dragged out of the baskets while she was in there. After her recovery time is over, she comes out smiling and laughing when we ask if she’s ready to be sweet. But the behavior stops! I don’t know how it works – but it does!

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